tuesday tuesday

So this past weekend my bestie, Jesse got MARRIED!  You all remember when I took the candid engagement photos…..Right?  Well let me just tell you she made a GORGEOUS bride.  Here she is in her cute little white tube top dress before we left the hotel….what a fun girl I have as my bestie! 


The entire weekend was just a blast.  On Friday we celebrated at the bridesmaids luncheon and it was a Madhatter Theme…..Look at how cute these tables are! 


Everyone wore hats and it was just lovely and so much fun.  I looked like a character from Clue in my hat….”Spooniest in the kitchen (of course cause I’m eating) with the Blender!” 

I’m so happy for the happy couple and I’ll post more pictures when I have permission from Jesse.  HA!


So in two weekends it will be my 10 year reunion.  Fiddle Sticks….Where does the time go folks?  I am just shocked that we are here!  10 years is a long time…..but I’m super excited.  I think it should be so fun.  A couple of friends and I are throwing a little ditty before hand on Saturday night for the group we hung out with.  I can’t wait to see everyone….I mean I see a lot of them anyway but just not a whole lot so this will be great times.  Did you like your 10 year reunion if you have had one?  I just keep thinking of Romy and Michelle!  HA!  I wonder if we’ll do keg stands?  Hope so. 


On the last note I think I need to invest in this book and I’m not kidding. 

The last two days I’ve been eating like it’s my job.  Have you ever had a hot ham and cheese?  Well I have…in fact I’ve had a couple over the last few days.  It has to stop or I’m going to need to seek medical attention. 

Hope you are having a great week!  TA TA LOVELY PEOPLE!


2 Replies to “tuesday tuesday”

  1. looks like a beautiful affair last weekend!!

    and don’t even talk to me about the “can’t stop eating biz”…I’ve almost completed an entire sheet cake in the last week. HELP!!!

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