Peanut. Peanut. Butter. And Jelly!

The PB&J is a staple.  I have always loved them.  I used to eat one everyday when I was little.  If that was really the one and only thing we had I probably could still. 

But Teddy…..

He’s a whole new freak of nature.  He’s got the PB&J down to a science.  Perfect amounts of each topping on each piece of bread.  Then there is the snackster!  He has been known to snackster one of that bad boys for a deluxe grilled PB&J. 

Our future children will grow up and hate the sight of them….but hey to eat a PB&J as a child is a MUST! 

As Teddy’s 30th bday is approaching I thought about what I would want to do for him.  A party?  A trip with just the two of us?  Medival Time in Dallas?

Whatever party path I choose I have absolutely chosen to make this his cake!

How fun is that!  A CAKEWICH!  It’s a giant cake mold that you can transform into any type of sandwich you so desire!  You jut make the icing look like the sloppy joe, or turkey, or whatever!  I’m dying just thinking about how funny this could look!  Of course Teddy will just get one big GIANT PB&J….and he’ll love love love it!


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