Holy Hail

So I have been meaning to tell y’all about the hail that came about just recently.  I’ll start out by telling you that it happened about 4 o’ clock on a Sunday…..Teddy and I were of course sleeping.  So you can imagine the wake up call that was…..I thought someone was coming through our house with their car.  We live right off of a busy street so I was sure good ol’ Kenny Rogers look-alike who shows up in our lawn sometimes had run through our house with his moped.  But alas it was hail! 

So after it was all over I put on my cowboy boots and the rest of my “gear” and made my way out to see what had been done.

The Deck

From the back door

Our poor cars

We clearly also live under A LOT of trees.  So it wasn’t only that we were hit with hail but we were basically living in a small jungle afterward.

Teddy was sad that his car was totalled.  Overall it worked out and the main thing is that we were safe.  We didn’t get it nearly as bad as some folks near us.  A lot of houses near us had windows broken out and gutters all messed up.  We did have to get a new roof and it looks great but no broken windows….even on our cars…..Thank goodness for those trees….A few people who were driving on the busy street parked under our big trees and just waited it out…..I don’t blame them!   

What I like about my photos taken from that day are the ones from the front…..Can you find the bear dogs? 


Keeping watch!  Just like Gary England said to do!


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