For the the Spooniest – Freedom Addition

June is almost over and July is here!  Which means July 4th is just a firecracker away!  Have big plans?  Oh I just love the feeling of July 4th!  The sense of freedom I feel and the way everyone is just being American….the cookouts….the fireworks….the patriotism…..and a cold beer (of course)!  Here are a few things I have found that remind me of a fantastic July 4th! 

Sit down at your July 4th picnic and take a gander at this book!  It features 100 American homes from your traditional to the big homes of the 20th century! 

Slip into these beauts and automatically feel like celebrating your freedom!  Just don’t run too fast you might trip and fall on your face.

What says American more than a MOOO-COW!  Ranch hand!  YEEHAW!  This little diddy can stick on a clean dry surface anywhere and you can just chalk away!  You need to remind yourself that you need milk….well isn’t that just ironic! 

Throw these plates in your basket and be on your way to all the fun!  They are dishwasher safe and OH SO CUTE! 

 Let your family know where all you’ve been this summer with this nifty little card.  Each card comes with a needle and thread for you to connect the dots between all the places you have visited!  How cute is that! 


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