DIY – Paper Flowers

I know you all think it’s weird that someone as crazy and odd as me could actually be crafty…..but well I am.  Actually maybe you don’t think it’s weird but the actual reason I am weird.  Hmmmm.  I know some of my friends (I won’t name names) think it’s nuts that I love crafts and I’m pretty sure they all just sort of hope to God they don’t get a homemade anything from me for absolutely EVERY holiday, birthday, or wedding.  I should say though that I do know when I should leave it to Williams-Sonoma. 

Moving Forward.

I recently started making paper flowers.  No not for my house.  For parties and showers.  I made about 10 for my sisters baby shower and they were darling sitting around the house and hanging from things.   Super easy and just takes a second. 

Here are the things you will need:

Tissue Paper.  Scissors.  And twine.  Some people like to use flower wire…but it bugs me. 

Step one is to lay out the paper colors you want to use.  You need about 8 for a good-sized flower.  I normally do 4 of each color.

When you have them layed out on top of each other then start to make a “fan”….you know how you did when you were little tikes?

Make the folds about 1 to 1 1/2 inches.

When you are done “fanning”….then turn the paper with the folds up not out and tie the twine around the middle of the paper.

When you have done this you will then cut the ends of the paper.  You can do a pointed cut, or a rounded cut, or just leave them.  I did this one with a pointed cut.

Lay the paper down and pick up the first layer of tissue paper very gently and start to bring it to the middle of the paper….where the twine has been tied. 

You will get a rhythm going.  I thought I was going to rip it but surprisingly I didn’t. 

Keep doing that until it’s all the way fluffed up on both sides. 

Then WA-LA you have a paper flower! 

The string is also used to hang it from something if you should decide to do that….but if not you can just cut off the excess string. 

I wore mine in my hair around the house for a while.  I felt cool and that’s all that counts.  Have a fabulous Friday and weekend!


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