Bachelorette Season 6 – Recaps

So do you watch the bachelorette?  I don’t.  No seriously I don’t.  But  I DO read recaps on a blog called “PPPPFFFFFFTTTTTT” …..I really hope I got that right.  If you have any sense at all and you want to crack up please go read these recaps RIGHT NOW! 

Bachelorette Season 6:  The Limo Pulls Up and Ali Meets The Men

Bachelorette Season 6:  Ali you ignorant slut

Bachelorette Season 6:  Six crutches, A denim shirt, and a stay at home dad

Bachelorette Season 6:  The Guardian and Protector of the Heart

Bachelorette Season 6:  Rendezvous in Iceland

If you click on these links they will all open in a new window….they are in order….that way you can come back and read the next.  Seriously like I said I don’t watch these shows but these are really great.  Andale Andale…go now! 

Have a great Wednesday.


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