Typical American Fatso….fallen trap.

That’s me. 

Today I went to Starbucks to get an iced tea and (mind you this is after I had eaten a really healthy lunch at home) instead of just getting the Venti Green Tea unsweetened….I decided that these mini donuts that were on the menu looked too good to pass up.  They recommended getting a trio….but I just opted for one….that of course made me feel really great about myself.  No really it did….just getting the one. 

What didn’t make me feel great was the fact that I just fell trap to their plan.  I purchased.  I was lured.  And the kicker….I wasn’t even hungry!  GOOD LORD I WAS STUFFED!  Seriously I need help.  (I really hope Teddy doesn’t read this…or I’m in deep serious trouble)

I’m going to present you with the visual aide so that you can see if you too would have fallen trap.

Look at that thing…and it’s so darling.  It’s called the Birthday Cake Mini Donut for goodness sake….It was my birthday just a second ago! 

Total Fat Grams:  6

Total Calories:  130

Mini on the outside.  Stupid mini donut. I hate your guts.  But you were delicious. 

Since we are on the subject of Starbucks.  I don’t hate them…in fact I really like them….they are making a real effort to make their food more pure.  Less artificial flavors and such.  Today when I got online and started my search for the mini donut and all its calories I saw that Starbucks has what they call a “protein plate”…..yes please I would like that (I think they brainwashed me…I’m not kidding)…Look at this thing though….

I love all of those things and although it’s not too low in fat it’s really high in protein and goodness. 

BTW…when it comes to nutrition I have no clue what I’m talking about….clearly I just like the pictures.

Pictures courtesy of Starbucks.com  Calories courtesy of their pictures too.


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