Who knew?

Well I closed on the house.  I met the buyers and they were great!  Looked like a fun couple so I’m super glad they will be enjoying the great house for hopefully many years! 

When my realtor (who is also a great friend of mine) and I left we decided to go back to my current house and have some champers!  When we were there talking he was petting the bear dogs and talking about a friend of his that has a basset hound/labrador mix. 

I thought you have got to be joking this can’t be true.  I’ve just never seen anything like this and immediately went to my resource for life….google.  Well it’s TRUE!  They are called bassadors…..take a look at these things!

This one cracks me up….

Maybe I’m totally naive for not knowing about this mix….but I was just cracking up.  Teddy thought it was pretty funny too.  Having bassets and lots of lab friends we just think it’s super funny and cute. 

Speaking of my bear dogs….please say a quick prayer for Deuce.  He had to go get a steroid shot because of his allergies and now he’s not breathing all that well.  I took him to a follow-up appointment and they said he looks fine but I do feel bad for that super cute guy cause he’s a basset and doesn’t like to struggle to do anything…..like breath.  I guess that shortness of breath, drinking a lot, and eating tons are side effects of steroid shots. 

Have a super fun weekend….I have lots to do!  Age’s birthday being one of them!  Happy to you Age…love you!


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