mason me crazy

Good morning friends!  Remember my crazy posts about mason jars…, and here?  They (as in mason jars) were mentioned a thousand two hundred and twenty more times but I’ll spare you the torment of going through all those again. 

Well at the reception all my collecting, wheeling and dealing to get cheap ones, and just flat-out craziness over these canning jars came to life!  And for me they did it in a spectacular way!  I loved loved loved them.  I am not sure what I was expecting but the reality was over and beyond my expectations! 

So each table had one large mason jar in it with flowers as the centerpiece and then around the centerpiece were 6-7 smaller mason jars (all different sizes) with candles in them.  300 candles!  I felt so bad for the lady who had to light all of them….seriously I think at one point during the ceremony I thought…..”Oh Please let her have started lighting those candles….Oh wait what did the priest just say?”  HA!  Well I’ll just shut my mouth and let you all see some pics! 

There were three types of centerpiece flowers….I wanted some shorter and some taller and some crazy and some sweeter….I’m talking about the flowers….not men.

Number 1

Nubmer 2

Number 3


I also provided the florist with a couple extra-large mason jars for him to put on the food table….well let me just tell you that man is a genius because this is what he did…

He stacked two mason jars on top of one another and then just packed that puppy full!  SO pretty and a great piece of height for the center of the room!  Food gets a post all it’s own.

So I would say my decision about mason jars ended up being a labor of love collecting them and cleaning them and searching for them….but that’s what a labor of love is….it’s something you put your heart and soul into and pray that it turns out just the way you wanted….and it did….times 10! 

All photographs by Josh McCullock Photography

Flowers by Morrisons Floral


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