i have to remind myself that being positive and hopeful is the best answer for everything.   

afterall if you aren’t happy then what else is there!?!?!  i love being happy!  people who don’t totally freak me out.  and people who think people are too happy freak me out too.  what’s wrong with being too happy?!?!  i’ve never heard such a thing….well until recently.   happy is an attitude….get one! 

speaking of happy….take a look at these!  more photos! 

All Images By:  Josh McCullock


2 Replies to “sometimes…..”

  1. 1) I have a crush on your photographer. He looked like Clark Kent & I stared at him through the entire wedding. My husband had to tell me to stop.

    2) Being positive really is the way to go. Take this from a former negative Nancy who decided to change her ways and has been reaping the rewards ever since. I’m not 100% sunshine & light, but I’m infinitely easier and more pleasant to be around.

    3) I love your bouquet. Ranunculous make me happy!

  2. Lyndsay
    You know I think you’re great! I love all our laughs when we see one another!
    The photographer is pretty hot. He was my next door neighbor for a while….good times during mowing season.

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