diaper cake. gross name. seriously cute gift

Did I tell y’all that my sister is having a baby girl?  Well she is and she’s just pretty cute prego…I don’t know how happy she was being 6-7 months prego in my wedding but I didn’t plan that…she did.  HEHEH! 

Anyway we are having a shower for her next weekend and I have been busy thinking of ways to make it special for her.  It’s her first, it’s been really hard for her to get prego, and she’s pretty miserable already and wants the baby to just get here already!  I googled some stuff (duh) and saw all these diaper cakes….and my gosh were they expensive to order.  So I just took it upon myself and made one on my own.

It was SO EASY!  DO NOT EVER pay someone to do this for you….it’s SO simple. 

Things you will need:

  • Diapers – I got a package of 84 size 2 diapers
  • Package of Multi Sized rubber bands – I got mine at Target
  • Ribbon
  • Hot Glue
  • tissue paper
  • round wooden rods

Step 1:   Roll all the diapers with the top part rolled inwards and rubber band each roll.  Use the smaller rubber bands for this part.  Make sure your rubber bands are all nice and straight.  You want them to all be around the same part of the diaper so it’s easier to hide them with the ribbon later on.

Step 2:  Make the layers.  When you are making the layers just bundle a few up (mine stood up pretty good on their own but you might need a helper…”TEDDY get in here”) and then use a larger rubber band and band all those together.  Here are my layer numbers (give or take a few)  TOP:  12  MIDDLE:  30  BOTTOM:  42 For the top layer you can just use one giant rubber band to band those together and same for middle layer but on the bottom layer (largest layer) I did an inner circle and banded those and then banded others on the outside.  It’s amazing how rubber bands will stretch so big.  You know? 

Step 3:  When your layers are all banded and sturdy stack them on top of each other like a cake to make sure your layers look cohesive. 

Step 4:  Put a large ribbon around each layer and hot glue the ends together (not to the diapers but to the ribbon itself).  Take a smaller ribbon and tie it around the larger one making a bow.  This hides the rubber bands better and it makes it feel really secure. 

Step 5:  Use round wooden rods to put through the cake layers starting at the top.  This part was a little tricky and you really don’t have to do this you could just stack them on top of each other when you get to the party but Teddy helped me so we managed.  You just want to make sure you don’t puncture any of the diapers. 

Step 6:  Put the tissue paper in the top.  I cut my pieces in half so they weren’t so bulky going in the diaper openings.     

Okay so there you have it.  SO EASY!  Literally took me 30 minutes. 

Teddy and I had the most fun conversation about kids the whole time I was doing it.  He said diapers smell so sweet and I said not when they are full of crap.  We laughed.


3 Replies to “diaper cake. gross name. seriously cute gift”

  1. I am opposite of you. I’d NEVER do this myself and would always prefer to pay some one:) Maybe I can just pay YOU to make me one next time. I hate making crafts and i am not good a them, so by the time it’s all said and done my time is more valuable to me than money I’d spend on the diaper cake. Good thing you are crafty.

  2. Em…you crack me up. You know how to reach me if you need me to be crafty for you…..you know how much I love it!

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