do me a favor – soda shop

So remember this post where I posted about wanting to do an orange soda as a favor at our wedding? 

Well it came to life and it was SO fun! 

First, I bought the Orange Crush from Sam’s by the case.  So it was super inexpensive!  And sooooo good! 

Here is where the real magic happened……My friend Katie blogtroduced (my new word) me to Allison who is a graphic designer out of Arkansas.   So I told her what I was thinking (really what Teddy was thinking and what Em agreed in the first post was cute too) and she ran with it….and boy were they ADORABLE! 

This isn’t the best image….but just trust me!  They were business card sized with graphics on both sides.  I punched a hole in them and tied them around the bottles with some cheap twine from Hobby Lobby!  I also bought some very fun vintage looking straws from here and put them in mason jars around the bottles of Crush! 

Volia….here it is!  A couple of pics from the finished cute product! 


Images by:  Josh McCullock

Super inexpensive for how fun and cute it was.  I think it would be darling even for a birthday party favor for someone who loves soda!

6 Replies to “do me a favor – soda shop”

  1. Goff & I forgot to pick them up as we left. We were kicking ourselves! It looked… cute. Especially with those adorable straws.

  2. omg! why am i just now seeing these?! it’s perfect! do you think I could borrow those pics as well to blog about the tags? cant wait to see more wedding pics… katie text me pics of the reception when they first got there.
    so happy for you!

  3. mmmm that orange crush was delish! perfect for our hangovers 😉

    when i showed my mom she flipped over how cute they were! she was like… ooo you need to save this so we can use it for something ! haha

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