after the break….

The whole time we were on our honeymoon Teddy’s parents stayed at our house to watch the house and our dogs.  They are retired but even then it was such a nice thing for them to do for us.  It saved us from having to board our babies and knowing they would be loved on by their grandparents was really comforting.  Plus our house was being watched and that was comforting as well. 

When we arrived back home from our honeymoon and they picked us up at the airport we went to the back of the van to put our stuff in and SURPRISE….they brought the dogs!  They said that Reggie jumped in the van and wouldn’t get out because he was so excited to see his Mom and Dad!  SO CUTE!  They licked us and hugged us and well it was just so happy!   We were a true family!  All with the same last name and everything! HA! 

His parents decided to stay until this morning since yesterday was Mother’s day and we wanted to spend that with his Mom.  It was very nice having both Mom’s at our Mother’s Day lunch! 

While his parents were here we really did the following and simply the following:  worked on getting my house that I’m selling ready to sell, napped, ate, worked on getting our house in order again, napped, ate, ran around town, napped, ate.  It went on like this for a few days before we left and after we returned from our honeymoon… you can imagine how terrified I was to come to work today.  I was and still am pretty sure I’m going to have to ask my boss if I can go take my mid day nap in the car.  I mean those things are great!  No wonder kids are so happy and have so much energy! 

Last night I had dreamed that after Teddy’s parents left today that Teddy got really mean to me.  Like calling me names, telling me he didn’t care about being married, and wanted to fight a lot.  It was awful.  I woke him up to tell him I had a nightmare and told him the details and he rolled his eyes and fell right back asleep… might have been dumb to him….but man was I worried!!  Mean Teddy is no bueno! 

I like reality but I’m not sure I’m ready for it.  Being married a week and then having to come back to work is a total bummer!  They should have some sort of maternity leave for married couples.  Six weeks for relaxation and wedded bliss.  Who agrees?  I’m in HR….I’ll see what I can do! 

So far Teddy and I have emailed each other the following things:

Teddy:  I miss you already

Spooniest:  Me too!  We’ve spent so much time together it feels weird.

Teddy:  I KNOW!  I’m having a panic attack. 

Spooniest:  You’re dramatic.  I need a nap!

Teddy:  I just woke up from one.

Spooniest:  Wait?  I’m confused. 

I’ve heard nothing.  Maybe that means he got fired for sleeping on the job.  I’ll keep you posted on that.

It’s good to be back Spooniest readers and I’ll be posting lots of pics and stuff just as soon as I get my paws on them!  Hope all the Mom’s (of children and furry friends) and Mom’s to be had a wonderful Mother’s Day!  I love MOMS!


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