what would they say about me?

Vendor:  I love what you are doing with everything and how you’ve personalized everything.  Will you be in the paper?

Me:  I hope not.

Vendor:  Oh, that’s not how you roll?

Me:  I try not to.

….after leaving the store my Mother was mortified of my response…..but that’s what my Mother does….she gets mortified by my independence, my uniqueness, but secretly I think she’s jealous of it. 

SIDE NOTE:  Nothing against those of you who were/want to be in the paper.  It’s just not how I roll is all. HA!

So today we have reached the single digits until the nuptials.  Something about the single digits must get me a little wound up….my stomach knew we had reached this milestone as well because I woke up feeling so anxious and excited.  I am also an emotional wreck….I see a photo or video of a bride crying with her mom or bridesmaids and I lose it!  It’s just such a special time and I couldn’t be happier it’s almost here.  

Those of you who are married were you really emotional before hand?  Should I be concerned?  Do I need to hire a therapist to be on site?   Just ask Jesse….she can atest to my emotional sobbing sessions I have been having….poor thing has to sit on the other end of the phone and listen to me.


One Reply to “what would they say about me?”

  1. Well I honestly can’t remember how I felt the week leading up to my wedding, and I don’t know what that says about me, BUT I do remember being fairly emotional the day of and before i also was feeling a little sick from nerves and what not. I can’t WAIT for the wedding! So excited!

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