Who is the Spooniest Girl

I have a wordpress blog.  Duh.  Well you see the thing with wordpress is that it tells you what someone searched, in a search engine, to get to your blog (i’m sure other blogs do the same).  Oh if you could see the whole list….it’s actually really hysterical!  My favorite would have to be when people search “Don’t Be Afraid To Live Your Life”….I mean I feel awful for the people who really are afraid but the reason it comes up on mine is Daria (or Alex) is tagged as “Daria Don’t Be Afraid To Live Your Life”.  I told her that once on a lonely street in Chicago….and it changed her life!  So for those of you who make it here because you are actually afraid to live your life….I’m terribly sorry but I have no help for you….I mean I guess the only help would be reading my funny and always full of life blog!  Yesterday in my 2 minutes and 45 seconds of downtime I actually checked this thing….and someone had searched “Who is the Spooniest Girl” and they came here.  Well first off I can’t imagine that they actually meant me….I’m sure somewhere there is another reason someone searched that…..but it got me to thinking….who is the spooniest girl right now? 

I’m for sure a hot mess….but I’m trying to keep it together for the kids…not really but I just hear that saying a lot so I thought I would throw that in there.

On this day, 17 days before my wedding, Spooniest Girl is:

-feeling like a part of me is growing up and that’s tough to tackle…but fun at the same time.

-making sure that I have plenty of people who love me and support me around at all times…and in retrospect finding out about the ones who don’t.

-drinking lots of tea and coffee and eating less fried chicken.  Oh lord how I miss thee!

-feeling regretfull when I yell at Teddy when all he did was try his hardest to make me happy.  Hey it happens! 

-making sure I have plenty of champagne near by if need be.  Age, you interested in some?

– loving my new primary care physician that prescribed me the amazing sleep aid.

– spending lots of time pondering…..how can all this crap be this expensive and why am I not in the business of “wedding something”

–  EXTREMELY BLESSED EVERYDAY TO HAVE THIS SPOONY AND TERRIFIC LIFE and remembering that after May 1st the real thing starts….the marriage starts.  The wedding is just getting us there.  We have a wonderful life ahead of us.


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