searching for ben

On my bach party in the beautiful town of Ruidoso, NM we were surrounded by all things fun and pretty!  Pretty jewelry, pretty scenery, pretty beer…oh wait.  Hmm..back on track. 

One of the things that was plentiful was the bear sightings…..they were everywhere!

Okay so they were fake bears but they were all over the place and I knew I  HAD TO HAVE ONE! 

I knew when the bear and I met it would be “right”.  I didn’t want to get any ol’ bear….and by ol’ bear I mean at a place where they were jacking up the prices!  So we were off on our search! 

In the search I couldn’t find Age to save my life….well I finally did and she had met someone. 

Clearly she was delusional….this was my bach party!  I was supposed to get all the attention. 

So I stole her man.

He liked me way more….I mean look at his hand on my leg!  DUH!

Once we made out and confessed our love for one another the girls and I were off to the next spot to find a bear! 

And that we did.  We found the perfect bear, named him Ben, and took him all the way home with us.  Occasionally we would check on him to make sure he wasn’t suffocating in the plastic wrap and wasn’t hungry.  He made it without a problem and looks great in his new spot!

Oh the irony….I call Ben (the human) Teddy and the new bear Ben.  Too much!


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