for the people. by the spooniest.

For the messy man in your life.  A napkin that keeps him looking snazzy even when he’s not.

For the pregnant friend/lady in your life….because the bigger her belly gets the more FABULOUS SHE LOOKS!  And she might need a card to remind her of that.

For the glittzy person in your life….because drinking champers out of gold flutes….well it doesn’t get more glitzy than that!

For the college student you know.  You don’t gain the freshman 15 without a little help!  CHUG CHUG CHUG!

And finally…my favorite! 

For the person you want to make a mixed tape for but you know they don’t have a cassette player!  You can use this!

It’s a USB drive that you can put songs on and then the packaging looks like an old mixed tape!  I think I’m in LOVE!   Mixed cassette and me go way back….my last car had a cassette player and a radio….man I miss that!


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