cookies….they love too.

So you all saw the guest bedroom, right?  You know….the room that had millions and millions of mason jars just waiting for a bear dog to get their long snout stuck in it.  Oh Lordy…see for yourself….it was bad enough the first time. Come on!

Well I have news for you all…’s organized.  And by organized I mean….beardog hazard free go in at your own will type of organized.  It’s better than it was but still not livable say if you come to visit tomorrow!  I move at my own pace….I’m trying to plan a wedding people!  GEESH! 

Check it out! 

The cake stands are my new thing I’ve decided to do for the wedding.  Instead of having one ginormous cake I’m having a smaller but still very ample size cake and cookies.  Do you know how much I love a cookie?  Any cookie?  Well a lot.  Enough to make me want to nix half the cake and give the cookies a chance to be in a wedding too!  They deserve it for goodness sake.  You can dunk them in milk, put them in ice cream, put their crumbs in pies, even make someone love you through the cookies they bake for you…I know I love my Mom a lot more based on the fact she makes the best peanut butter cookie I’ve ever put in my mouth.  And no I’m not buttering up to her….she knows it and is proud to bake them at a moments notice to prove it!  Here is an inspiration I found for my cookie cake duo:

Oh and the brides bouquet…My lord that is gorgeous!  I want one!

Does Teddy approve of the cookies?  Well that’s funny you ask.  (you didn’t ask….i asked myself….try to keep up)  If it weren’t for me and having 12 weddings to attend last year Teddy might not have gained the 5 extra pounds (but he’s since lost)…..HE LOVES WEDDING CAKE!  I mean to the point of no return.  You know how most women have to beg their boyfriends or spouses to attend a wedding….Not Teddy.  If there is wedding cake….Teddy is there. With bells on.  In the corner stuffing his face full of white wedding cake and having no shame at all doing it.  It’s quite charming if you ask me….although I’ve seen looks of disgust from other guests so I don’t think they will ask me.  With that being said I was worried about asking him about the cookies and giving them a chance….well he was very receptive and then went into this whole schpill about how his favorites are these and these and not so much these but he would prefer to have this over this and so one and so forth… the saga with Teddy and his sweet fetish continues.  At least I know he’ll have plenty of sugar in his system at our wedding to make our rounds and keep on our feet all night!   Teddy on a sugar high…I wonder what that would look like?  Maybe a little like this….

Tonight I’m working on something that I can’t yet reveal as it’s something that I’m giving to my girls going on my bach party aka our girls trip….at this point I’m calling it a girls trip because you know what…I’m just so glad to be getting away with my girls!  I can’t wait and I know they can’t wait to get away either….so I know it’s supposed to be about me and my last single days….but really it’s about us.  Having fun and having girl time!


2 Replies to “cookies….they love too.”

  1. I love that Teddy loves sweets!!! Robert, my hubs, doesn’t like cake and didn’t even want a grooms cake. Don’t worry, we put the kabosh on that one!! haha. I looovvveee the cookie and smaller cake idea…yummm!

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