special style

I’ve stumbled on one of my most favorite style blogs yet. 

Mrs. Lilien Styling House

What Mrs. Lilien does is she has a style for each type of Mrs.  or Miss if you prefer that too.  She has Mrs. Brunch, Mrs. Train Wreck, Mrs. Book Club.  And she styles each of them and then writes about each Mrs.  Let me give you an example of what I mean.  Below is the style board that goes with Mrs. Sunset

Then the best part is after Mrs. Lilien does a little run down of what a Mrs. Sunset is all about….here is a little tid bit…but if you want to see the whole thing you must visit the website….it’s a ball reading about all the Mrs. styles!

“Mrs. Sunset is a glowing Mrs you see – she glitters something fierce and fancy free. She prefers warm sunsetty hues – and bedecks as such from her jewels to her shoes. She shows up looking adorable and somewhat paper doll-ish – she takes creative freedoms and paints her nails with alternating polish. This is a Mrs who works diligently all day – and at sunset treats herself to a bottle of good of Rosé.”

Please tell me that sounds like you?  If it does can we be best friends?  I need a littl sunset in my life right about now.  I’m more like “Mrs. I’m not a Mrs. yet and need to make May 1st get here fast”  Does she have one of those you think? 


And speaking of inspiration boards….I was looking through my wedding folder at home this weekend cleaning some things up and found this.  My very first inspiration board I did for my wedding….

I don’t feel like I’ve steered too far away from it.  Perhaps a little but that’s what girls do….they change their minds!  61 days folks and this little inspiration bored will be coming to life!  Big time real life in the flesh….inspiration better be inspiring to others besides just me kind of real. 

Hope you have a great Monday….I’ll be over here….keeping it real, yo!


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