“She’s got a way about her….

And I don’t know what it is! ”  Hmm..hmmm.hmmm..hmmm!

Thanks to my bestie, Em….I’ll be watching these legends tomorrow night!  I might just die I’m so excited!  Listening to Magic 104 for all my life I can just about recite all the songs both guys sing! 

Em, how can I repay you?  You are a much better cook then me…so that’s out!  What if I came over and was a real sweet lamb for a while and just made you laugh….you could even make me cry and then take me to McDonalds…you seem to really enjoy that night!  I LOVE YOU EM! Thanks so much!

Of course….pictures of this night to follow…but not to worry lads going along I won’t be a crazy paparazzi freak…I’ll bring the smaller version of my paparazzi camera!


3 Replies to ““She’s got a way about her….”

  1. I AM GOING TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! elton john is my little queen hero. love that man. absolutely cannot wait to get to that show. i tear up everytime i see elton john in concert.

  2. It’s going to be fun! I can’t wait. You can repay me by just being your sweet, little lamb self bop! I am just happy that I am able to take my friends to do such fun things with me!

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