Brunch with Babies

So Sunday I had the pleasure of being a friendship matchmaker.  It’s sort of a long story how it all started but I’ll give you the quick run down:

-I know Katie through Teddy who works(ed) with her husband, Erik.

-I know Kelsea because we are work associates. 

-They both have babies.  They had the same doctor.  They found each others blogs through my blog.

Okay…now that we have that over with!  Katie’s husband and Teddy went out-of-town for a boys trip this last weekend and so I was determined to set up a meeting with the three of us…and more importantly I was DYING TO SEE THEIR BABIES!  Sorry ladies! 

We set up a date at Mimi’s Cafe…who knew that place was so popular….people must love their good bread! 

Molly has the sweetest smile!

Kade is such a stud!

Molly Kade.  Kade Molly.

“I think I might be getting the Quiche?  Kade, what about you?” Molly said.

Hot Mammas! 

It was so much fun!  Both babies are so sweet and the ladies so great!!  Molly became BFF with the ladies at the table behind us….it was so funny! 

Teddy and Erik (Katie’s hubby) made it home last night and I don’t know about Erik but Teddy seemed to be pretty tired….I think he might be getting too old for “boys trips” of that magnitude!  Teddy said that Erik really missed Molly and I said “Well I can understand!  I was only with her for an hour and I miss her too!”. 

Disclaimer:  Teddy and I are NOT ready for children.  I just like to hold and swoon over other peoples.  Mom, if you are reading this please do not get any ideas!


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