Puppies inspired by Puppies

It’s been a while since I’ve showcased by favorite French Bulldog.  So without further ado….I present.

Apple.  Basking.

Photo provided by:  Apple’s Mom.  Age.


Another fun puppy thing that I’ve been working on lately is the OKC PUPS Facebook page.  

OKC PUPS is a place for people in the OKC area (or whoever really) to post pictures of lost puppies, puppies that need new homes, or just your own dogs that you want to brag about (If you know me you know I love to brag about my two babies)! Also use this page to tell others about local places that are puppy friendly too!! 

Here is the link.  So if you are a Facebook member….become our fan and we can all be puppy loving fools!  I’ve already got 104 members!  I’m super excited! 


And last but not least by any means….I want to let you all in the central Oklahoma area know about a low-cost place that will spay/neuter your cat or dog for a very low-cost!  In fact the specials they have to help control the puppy/cat population are  inspiring and very awesome!  It’s great to know there are still doctors out there that are willing to do such a thing to prevent perfectly healthy cats and dogs from being euthanized.

Here is the link

Please get the word out to others in your area about their local vets that support the same type of cause!

Love you all and Reggie and Deuce do too!


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