The Big Win.

The morning of the Superbowl in New Orleans was just like any other morning I wake up in New Orleans.

I turn over to find my glasses and I see this

Lots of hydration products…a leftovers box that I indulged in late night….and of course medicinal products.  What’s new, right!?!

We went and had breakfast at Cafe Du Monde….”Lots of coffee and lots of powdered sugar and lots of drunk people….my gosh do these people ever go to sleep or stop drinking!”  Those were the things I thought as I was stuffing my face with beingnets and blowing powdered sugar on Teddy for fun. 

We went back to the hotel and slept some more.  I slept off the night before and all my fun but bad behavior…..but Teddy, he was sleeping off his nervousness. 

We woke up revived and ready to head out for the day.  After all we did have an appointment with the Mystic Krewe of Barkus aka a dog parade in New Orleans for the beginning of Mardi Gras.  When I found out we would be there for this I was so happy I could have pee’d myself….but then again you all know my obsession.  Let me just tell you this was something I’d never seen before…I mean our dogs have jersey’s but it was refreshing to see that we weren’t the only crazies. 

There were some creepy ones too….but I’ll spare you all. 

After the Barkus Parade we went and had some lunch and then we went to our local watering hole that is off of Bourbon St. because it was too crazy as you all can imagine.  We were so happy we decided to do that because we met some really nice folks there.  They were Teddy’s people.  His Saints folk.  His home. 

When the first quarter had ended and we weren’t doing great Teddy looked at me with this face of despair and said “Bop, lets pray.”  Now I’m not a huge fan of praying to God for teams to win when you are in despair and they aren’t doing great….God gives people talent…not the ability to win everytime.  But this time…I agreed.  In the middle of the bar….with drinks in our hands…and fear we would be struck by lighting right then and there…..we leaned in and Teddy prayed a quick prayer for the Saints to have the talent and courage to get through this.  (Now do you believe me that he was sentimental and serious all weekend?)

Now we’re doing better!


The rest is history folks…..THE SAINTS WON the SUPERBOWL!  YAY! 

If you can zoom in on this picture to see just how many people were on Bourbon after the game…  It was something to be seen! 

Then the next day it started all over again….

When we walked outside it’s like the city had taken a big sigh of relief. 

They had done it.  And Teddy got to be there for it and that was my favorite part of the whole trip…..knowing he got to be there for this.

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