New Orleans 1.1

Girl In Elevator:  You smell that?  I’ve smelt like this my whole life?

Me:  Like cigarette smoke and booze?

GIE:  Yeah….you know with a little perfume mixed in. (then GIE smiles like she’s home with her granny and a warm cup of chicken noodle soup.)


A mini horse.  On Bourbon. What else is there.


The only other things I can tell you about our trip thus far is this:

– I’ve honestly never seen Teddy this happy.  He’s talking about the magic and the feeling of New Orleans and the way he can feel the energy of the people….and he hopes that the Saints can feel it too. Yes….he’s getting so deep my head starts hurting…..but it’s so worth it…..he’s just so happy and when he’s happy I’m happy….which brings me to my next bullet point.

-Today, Superbowl XXIV, could be my best day ever or my worst day ever…..but regardless it’s going to be way better or worse for Teddy.

– The hotel we are staying in is right in the French Quarter and hasn’t been updated since about 1972 and it’s awesome.  Don’t you worry I’ll be posting pics of this place soon.

– You know how I’m amazing at making 10 minute best buddies….well last night I made one with this woman that I was meowing at because she said she was a cougar and then I gave her my address so she could send me a wedding present.  This could mean one of two things….she is going to put a hit out on me because I was following her around meowing or she could send me something really awesome. 

Right now I’m going out to take some pics of the city at sunrise and have some coffee….and go to St. Louis Cathedral to say some prayers….and yes I will be praying for the Saints to make Teddy’s dreams come true….Oh blah I’m getting deep now too….someone stop me and hand me a bloody mary!



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