The thing about being funny….

is that it doesn’t always feel right on the tip of my tongue.  not everything that comes out is funny.  some stuff is stupid, some stuff is weird, some stuff is just plain depressing but you thought it might come off as funny.

oh i guess i should have prefaced all this with “i think i’m pretty funny”.  well the truth is i know i’m funny….i was voted funniest in my class people…so don’t try to make me think otherwise.  you want to know the funniest part about that story?  well let me just show you….

do you see me?  that’s me on the far left holding the sign….the rule for the photo shoot was to show up in a costume (since we were voted the funniest) and they would take the pic….well we (as in me and funny man class of 2000) weren’t having it….so we dressed up like the people did for “best looking” and looked way better.  i must mention that the restored 1971 vw convertible was mine as well.  the funnest car ever!  aske jesse….she was there for all the vw fun!

anywho…..i really am funny.  i make people laugh so hard sometimes they cry.  so where has all my funny gone?  where did all my wittiness go?   i mean i know people can lose fat if they exercise and chins if they do chinterventions….but can people lose their funny?  could it possibly be that i’m just too busy to be funny?  what is life if there is no funny….no laughing….no making people cry….no pissing off all the fools that dressed up for the photo shoot? 

don’t worry spooniest readers….my funny will be back and back with a vengence.


3 Replies to “The thing about being funny….”

  1. As someone who was voted funniest, as well, I at times feel pressure to be funny, even though it’s my default mode. But I go through very unfunny periods in my life where I do not see the humor in things as much as I normally do.

    It will come back. And for the record, I think you’re #&$&ing hilarious.

  2. Bop, your funny didn’t disapear! You are still really funny. Sometimes when you are a grown up though and have responsibilities and sh$t to do there just isn’t time to make people laugh until they cry all the live long day. I know you are, indeed, funny because i am not friends with people who aren’t:)

    And Lyndsay, up above, you have been making me laugh uncontrollably since 3rd grade or whenever we met at Cimarron.

  3. You always make me laugh! Some might disagree, but I really am a tough crowd. I don’t laugh at just anyone.

    Love the old pic…. wayyyy better idea to do the ‘good looking’ thing rather than play dress up!…… unless…. you could have dug deep and put that 4 square outfit from the REAL old days. Still cracks me up when I think of it!!

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