Spontaneity Is My Middle Name

Hmmm…okay maybe not exactly my middle name….but it is this week!

Teddy and I have decided to head down to New Orleans to watch the Superbowl!  That way Teddy can be with “his peeps” and I can watch him in full action!  He’s been a fan for so long and to watch them go to the Superbowl is a really big deal….sorry babe but they aren’t normally this great! 

We talked about it yesterday, booked hotels, asked off work, the whole kit and kaboodle!  I was so proud of us for being so unplanned and on our way to fun!  I will say I’m a little nvervous about the fact that our wedding is so close and we have decided to take a trip but again this is something I do not want Teddy to regret! 

What are you all doing for the Superbowl?  Our plan before was to hop on over to Age and Dave’s for some fun and Dave’s famous wings….mmmm Dave’s wings….Age….will you save one or two for us?

4 Replies to “Spontaneity Is My Middle Name”

  1. Allison…I’ll pretend you didn’t say that about Peyton so we can continue to be blog friends.

    Mary….wanna come? Or do you want to watch the bassets?

    Em….you’re stuck with me….so sorry.

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