T Minus 90 days

I used a new photo editing software called Lightroom on this photo…..and I love it!  I mean Deuce is obviously very helpful in making this photo amazing!  What do you think? 

So we are 90 days away from the wedding and I am so excited!  I bet these 90 will fly faster than the previous 90 and that makes me a tiny bit nervous but I am very excited for things to start happening! 

 In other news Teddy and I are glad we don’t live in Alaska although it feels like we do.  It’s been snowing, icing, raining, blah blah blah for the last 4 days….and I’m sick of it!  Cabin fever however we were surprised that we didn’t want to kill each other after the first 48 hours of just one another and limited access to power, tv, etc.


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