Day 3 of 7

Yesterday was a great day….NOT! 

My work keeps me very busy…so I wasn’t able to leave for lunch and run home.  So not only did I suffer my bear dogs did too…..poor guys!

All I was able to scrounge around and find here was an apple and some walnuts.  There was plenty of other stuff but nothing I could have!  I mean seriously I thought everyone was on this cleanse?  No?  So by the time I left here I was starving, exhausted, and defeated.  I just wanted to go drown myself in a pot of beef chili and fritos. 

I was so excited for dinner….some new burger patties that were beef free and on the diet with a potato and salsa.  Well the burger substitute was gagtastic….Teddy loved it!  The potato was great but that’s what 300 calories for the day….Awesome….I’m starving myself! 

Again I just felt defeated so I took my dogs and got in bed….and fell sound asleep.  Now that’s more like it!   Teddy turned on the light to take this…Reggie and I yelled at him shortly after this to go away. 

This morning about 1:25 I woke up and felt so dizzy I could hardly stand it….then I realized it was because I was on my way to becoming the next Kate Moss (ummm not really but I was so hungry)….so I just forced myself back to sleep and woke up this morning and had a giant breakfast!

DON’T WORRY….ha…gotcha!  I didn’t fall off the wagon….I just planned better.  I had egg whites, oatmeal, salsa, an apple, and some pineapple!  It felt OH SO GOOD! 

My lack of planning better at work and at home yesterday left me feeling sorry for myself and my stomach but today is a new day and I’m feeling great again!  Teddy has already said he wants to keep eating like this (in moderation as he for sure misses his morning ritual of cereal) and that he feels great….oh Teddy you and your ability to be an ultimate optimist….where or where do I get that. 

So the weekend is here and this should be interesting….I know I can do it and I know I have the will power….I just have to prove it to myself!  Have a great Friday and I’ll talk to you all later today or in the morning!


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