Day 2 of 7

This is a smoothie that looks like crap but tastes so much better.

Okay friends….here I am….end of day 2 and not doing nearly as bad as I thought!  Yesterday my hardest thing was driving home and smelling and seeing all the options I should not stop and get….I even thought to myself…”If I pull in Coits and down a hot dog no one will know!”  But then I remembered that I would know and well it was day 1 for God’s sake! 

Both days for lunch we (did I tell you that Teddy is eating everything I am) have had salads with everything we could find in the fridge and threw it in there.  They have been delish!  We really didn’t even need the dressing with all the delicious things that we put in it. 

Last night for dinner we had tilapia and tonight we had salmon.  Both times with veggies and brown rice.  So we aren’t starving….Teddy wouldn’t do it if we were starving.   Now I’m not going to lie we aren’t as full as we normally get and that’s something we have to get used to but we are for sure feeling the effects of making better choices already.

Even in two days we can tell we have for sure had more energy.  The best part about the cleanse is getting to spend time with Teddy and deciding what we are going to eat and stuff.  The other thing is that when we have more energy we are so much nicer to one another because we aren’t exhausted and beat from work. 

So day 3 will bring some new things…..I will try some new gluten-free breakfast tomorrow….we are going to make sweet potatoes tomorrow night….and I have a guy coming to work tomorrow that ALWAYS brings the most delicious best homemade breakfast burritos with him… I will have to use some of the will power I know I have!  I can do it! 

If you don’t hear from me check all the local mexican restaurants….I could possibly be sitting in the corner drinking pints of queso!


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