Here goes nothing! Day 1 of 7

UPDATE TO POST:  I just ate my oatmeal that I tried to make at work and threw half of it away….It was weird and sponge like….I ate all the blueberries in it though….that’s start right? 

This picture is not to show you how foggy it is here this morning or that I have a weird tape dispenser…..

It’s to show you what I get to eat for breakfast today! 

I’m starting a detox/natural cleanse.  It’s called Michael’s Naturopathic Programs 7 Day Ultimate Detox, Cleanse & Rebuild .  Whoo…the name is even long…about as long as these 7 days will feel.  I’m pretty pumped about it.  I have been wanting to do a cleanse for sometime but wasn’t sure which one to go with….have you all ever done one?   I went to the natural food store this weekend and talked to my favorite guy who works there and this is the one he suggested. 

I basically can’t have any dairy, red meat, wheat, or sugar.  I can have natural sugars in fruit but that’s it.  I also can’t drink any alcohol….hummm humm…excuse me?  Doesn’t Michael know I like red wine with dinner?  Geesh!  But I can have…veggies, fruits, rice pasta, brown rice, fish, chicken (but not much), lettuce, oatmeal, nuts, and lots of other things….so I won’t starve.

At this point I’m sure you are wondering why I am even doing this….well there are many reasons….so I’ll list a few:

-My skin hasn’t been looking great lately. 

-It’s a great jump start into a workout…and I know I haven’t told you all this but I have worked out at least 5 times a week for the last few weeks but I’m seeing very little results.

-It makes you feel better all around

-Once you realize how great you feel by eating great things you will not want to bad stuff as much.

With all of this being said I know that I won’t turn around in 7 days and be some organic hippy but I do think I need to get back on track with being healthy and strong….AND FOR GOODNESS SAKE…I’m getting married in 102 days!  This might be what I need to make me realize that food is fuel! 

So to keep myself accountable you all get to follow along with me on this wonderful journey for the next 7 days!  I’ll spare any of the details that might be of the TMI section….but other than that I’m going to give you every sad craving I have….every nasty recipe that I make….along with the ones that I love!  And in the end you and me both will be seeing what this has done for me. 

So day 1… I come!


4 Replies to “Here goes nothing! Day 1 of 7”

  1. Bop – I am proud of you….and 7 days is totally doable. Everytime i’ve done a cleanse it’s for 21 days and it’s never too bad. Plus, you can have some meat! Can you have caffeine? That’s always the one that kills me. How about eggs? The one i do is completely vegan, plus no caffeine, sugar, gluten or alcohol. And trust me, you won’t make any nasty recipes. You’ll just find yourself eating tons of fresh fruit and veggie and how can that be nasty? I was addicted to polenta and brown rice as well. Also, i really like bob’s gluten free mighty tasty hot cereal. I couldn’t eat oatmeal becuase of the gluten, but i almost like this cereal more anyway. You can get it akin’s and it’s delish with a little agave nectar and berrries. I eat it off cleanses as well. You will look and feel so much better, i promise. I just felt lighter and had more energy, plus i love the way cleanses make you evaluate your current eatings patterns. You’ll definitely make changes going forward! How do you think i came up with my no drinking on work nights rule?!?!

    Matt said he saw you buying cleanse food at the grocery store last night!

  2. ummm..i’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be gluten free and i thought the oatmeal i bought was…i’ll have to check that out….but i only had like two bites and wanted to throw up…so i’m for sure headed back to the store to get what you suggested.
    this one you can eat fish and some chicken. oh and i also found out popcorn is glueten free! holla! i found a recipe for spicy popcorn in place of chips. it won’t have butter on it…oh well!

    em…you’re amazing at this…i need some help though. can you send me anything you might have to help? recipes. books. i’m always so amazed at your will power! even if it’s not a cleanse…just everything in life!

    matt is so cute…when we were talking to him he just stood there and looked at us like nuts….i think he was scared for me!

  3. be sure and let me know if after the 7 days you have the overwhelming desire to start wearing patchuoli!

    good luck with it.. doesn’t sounds TOO bad, but the no dairy i think would really kill me! i LOVE cheese.

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