dreams do come true!

So last night Em asked Age, Jesse, and I if we wanted to go to the Thunder game and since Em always gets really awesome seats through her work and because we love each other we were all in!  Girls night out! 

As we were sitting there right next to the court Rumble (the Thunder Bison) is near me and I do a little sexy wave at him and then he runs over to us and plops down right next to me and Jesse!  We chatted with him and loved on him.  I think that Rumble is like a 40 something year old man under all that but when he’s Rumble he’s Rumble…if you know what I mean.

Look at how much fun we are having! (this photo was taken with a phone)

So then today I emailed Em and told her I couldn’t belive how much Rumble loved me and she said this:

“Bop, your dreams are coming true!  Rumble looks just like a Wild Thing!” 

(BTW…Bop is my nickname…..did you all know that?) 

She is so right!  Now if we can go swing on branches and run through the woods being best friends it would all be perfect!


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