Link Wink Wednesday….Fun Apps

So I have the most fun app ever!  Well that’s just my opinion….but I love PHOTOS!  You know that!

It’s called Hipstamatic and it’s awesome!  Basically it lets you select the lens, the film, and the flash….it’s GREAT! 

Let me share a few of my pics….they are so fun but you know then again…I like the little things! 

My living room chair!  Looking more antique than it really is….

I have a flower in my hair….I like that look….no matter how much I resemble a ghost.

And finally Reggie…with his new coat on (my gosh with 5 degree weather it’s a must for these bears)

DOWNLOAD it and have some fun!


3 Replies to “Link Wink Wednesday….Fun Apps”

  1. Em…you’re the best…although I’m pretty sure it’s the lighting. I have been working out….but you know how I feel about that! 115 days until the big day! WHORA…I have to get my booty in shape….wedding diet has officially started!

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