Ears are hanging low….

I know I have some (I wish more) basset lovers that read my blog and I want to make you all aware of a crisis that is happening right here in the US!  Donations to the nation’s largest basset hound rescue have never been so low.  It is located in California and they are in danger of having to close their doors and who knows what will happen to these babies.  I know this is so crazy of me but I can’t help but think they are all brothers or sisters of my Reggie and Deucey.  Or some  how maybe they are related!  I know I have a soft spot for these guys but can you blame me….look at these faces

Basset hounds aren’t for everyone.  Dogs aren’t for everyone and I understand that.  But if you are a basset hound lover like me and have an extra $5.00 please click the link and donate to this wonderful non-profit organization.  They are in desperate need!   Here is an article from USA TODAY with pictures you can look at too. 

Daphneyland is the name of the organization and you can donate through paypal right there on their home page!

Or you can click on their wishlist they have complied on Amazon.com and help out that way!  Any little thing helps! 

I have such compassion for people who are brave enough to put their “real” jobs on hold to help the animals in need around this country.  The truth is that’s exactly what I want to do when I grow up.  Rescue, love on, and help dogs that don’t have a chance otherwise!  If you can’t donate monetarily will you just take a minute to pray for this organization.  Basset Hounds pray too….every single night!  I really appreciate it!


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