Dashing through the snow…and some other great things!

My Reindeer dashing through the snow.  The 12 inches of snow!  I’m glad we didn’t lose him under all that!  HE LOVES IT! 

Some other things that I wanted to share that I’ve discovered the last couple days being snowed in:

If you have an IPHONE or any other touch screen I’m sure you have discovered that you have to de-glove in order to answer the phone, call out, email, etc.  Well NOT anymore!  These are an amazing solution…..ECHO DESIGN wool cashmere gloves with stretch fabric on the thumb and pointer finger so you can operate your phone or other device!  If I would have only known about these before Christmas! 

These amazing things are called Wine Wipes.  They protect your pearly whites from your red wine stains!  I hate it when I’m out with my girls and I’m laughing and cutting up and then go to the bathroom to discover it looks like I’m bleeding from my mouth!   And get this….For every compact of Wine Wipes sold, a portion of the proceeds supports safe water projects in developing countries.  Really cool, right?


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