Teddy 29

Today Teddy turns 29!  Big 29!  Almost 30!  Okay I’ll stop…he’s already stressed out.  Normally Teddy is laid back, nothing gonna bring him down….until last night.  We were laying in bed facing one another and talking about today being the first day of the last year of his 20’s and he sort of had a meltdown….done Teddy style.  He made a joke about how a third of his life has been lived and how he knows that he might be a little on the chunky side but he has got to work on that because he for sure wants to live until he’s 80+ and he can’t do that if he eats Taco Bueno.  He then procedeed to say that this has been the best year of his life….”The Saints are 13-0 and I”m going to marry you”.  Yes, folks in that order.  I see where I stand.  

I reassured him that things will only get better from here.  If the first 29 were this fun think of what magical things will happen in the next 29!  I sure don’t know where I’d be without him and I’m super glad he was born 29 years ago.


One Reply to “Teddy 29”

  1. Love the Taco Bueno shout out, and love that “Teddy” enjoys it as much as I do. Coupons for sure coming your way. Happy Birthday Teddy. (Can I call him Teddy?)

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