I need a Christmas bell

When I was a little girl my Grammie had this bell….a giant Christmas bell….it was made of felt and had sequins on it.  The bell had pockets all over it….to stick your Christmas cards in and display it all Christmas long.  Really the thing was just as cute as anything….I think of it as vintage….my Grammie thought it was normal….funny!  It was glorious. 

I need a bell.  I need a fun and delightful way to display my Christmas cards.  With all the cute and adorable pictures that go on all of them these days I want to be able to look at them and stare at the cute kiddos and pups on all of them!  I just love them!  Even the ones with no pictures always have the most magical Christmas things on the front.  Not to mention the love I have for paper goods….Oh MY GOODNESS….I’m dying here! 

Since I’ve lived with Teddy I’ve always displayed them in my dining room on a decorative wall cross that my Mom purchased for me. 

It’s not all that much my style but my sweet Mom bought it for me so I have to keep it up for at least 2 years….that’s the rule, right?  So this will work for this year as well because it’s year two….but next year…..I need a bell.

How do you display your cards?  Can you show me?  Do you have any ideas for me?  Some people put them on their entry way tables….some people put them in glass things and some people put them in sleighs….and some put them on fridges….and some people like Margaret put them in bells.  What do you do?


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