Simple Christmas.

Our Christmas tree doesn’t have a theme.  It doesn’t have all brand new ornaments.  It doesn’t have a perfect shape. 

Our Christmas tree has the wonderful new smell of pine like a real tree should.  It has ornaments Teddy and I made as children on it.  It has a tree skirt that’s older than me under it.  It is pretty cool.  I love it.  And as the years pass it’s just going to get more special to us.  That’s what I love about it…..that’s what I love about Christmas period. 

Now I just have to get more presents under it….and quick….can you believe it’s 18 days until Christmas!  18 days people!


3 Replies to “Simple Christmas.”

  1. I didn’t know that Christmas trees ever had themes!?!?! That’s pretty dumb if you ask me. I mean, theme dressing is one thing, but theme Cmas trees?

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