Engagement Photo’s – what a hoot!

Umm….seriously the cheesiness just wept out of my pores.  It’s frightening. 

Mad Men Style at Juniors.

Baby got back! 

Oh I love to see Teddy laughing this hard.  (if you look really closely at this one you can see my multiple chins)(gag)

Spooniest:  Teddy this is awkward….I feel nervous and sick.

Teddy:  Please don’t puke on me.  Let’s go have a beer after this.  I’m really thirsty.

Does this look like an album cover to anyone else?  I mean minus the stardom?

All photographs by Josh McCullock


4 Replies to “Engagement Photo’s – what a hoot!”

  1. your pictures are adorable! all of them… how long did it take yall with all the wardrobe changes?! i can’t wait to take engagement pics! oh wait, i can’t wait to get engaged – first!

    1. Thanks so much!
      The wardrobe changes were hysterical….I felt like Reba McIntyre on the CMA’s! It didn’t take long at all….we just changed in the car and cute jackets were a must becuase you can just throw those on over the clothes you already have on. The Mad Men ones were taken a totally different day….over all the whole process was a blast. We just laugh at a lof of them and how cheesy we look!

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