My Millions I Never Made

When Jesse and I were in high school we had these friends.   Okay they were friends for like one semester….but still they were friends.  And they were sisters.  Well they LOVED borrowing our clothes.  We don’t know why and we were fine with it.  I’m pretty sure we thought it was cool they thought we had cool clothes.  The fact that Jesse and I could even wear some of the same stuff at that point is just astonishing to me and if you know us in real life I’m sure it is to you as well.  In real time (as in now)……she’s a stick and I’m…..well not. 

Okay moving forward…..

This one particular top that was a button up was my very favorite.  It fit perfect and it was from a store in Dallas (big deal for a small city girl) and I had purchased it with my own money….needless to say I loved it.  Another side note is that when I have a favorite outfit it sort of becomes my uniform.  I wear it all the time.  I still do it and I’m pretty sure my friend Emily has been tempted to do an intervention on me for that.   

I have a point I promise… day one of the sisters asked to borrow the beloved top.  I was okay with it but I instructed them to please take really good care of it.  Well it disappeared.  Gonzo.  Finito.  I was devestated.  So like a good friend Jesse agrees to make a plan to retrieve the top….we were just for sure they had it and weren’t telling us.  We went over there acting all cool and searched high and low when they weren’t looking.  Nothing.  No favorite top.  Not only did we not find anything Jesse almost got beat up by the older sister. 

Defeated and naked feeling…..I just lost hope.  This feeling came up again in my head this week because I became one of those sisters.  I have lost a pair of Age’s most favorite scrubs.  I’m going to replace them with some scrubs that have Looney Tunes Characters on them.  I’m sure she’ll just adore me after all that.   

But then I remembered this wonderful idea that Jesse and I came up with after the lost top incident…..we didn’t know what it was called at the time but we had planned on putting tracking devices on our clothes.  You could log in online and just see where all your clothes were.  You would be the only one with access to it.  Each item would have a description so you would know what it is you are looking for.  For example had my idea became a real thing I could just have Age log in and search scrubs.  And boom….FOUND!   

So when I arrived at work today I thought “I wonder if anyone has stolen my bright idea.”  So I google’d Clothing GPS….and get this….some clothing makers are putting it in their clothes.  Well they are doing it for much better reason than my reason of just being able to find clothes…’s to find people.  Like for skiers or snow boarders but still it’s a real thing now!  Who knew Jesse and I were so smart back then?  I’m pretty sure we presented our idea to Jesse’s dad who also thought we were brilliant but I just wish he would have run with it….he’s really smart!  A lot smarter then we were!  Here is an article about the GPS Clothing.

The main points of this story:

Jesse and I are brilliant.  Age might egg my house.


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