So I’ve done something that had to be done.  There were no more “maybe next time it happens”, or “I’ll pull myself out of it one of these days I’m just having a good time”, or “I’ll make the change when I’m married with kids”….

Not Anymore.  I’ve done a CHINTERVENTION on myself.  I’m not sure if people actually do interventions on themselves and my sweet Teddy was too nice to do one on me but something had to be done. 

Today we got the rest of our engagement photos back.  The backdrops are gorgeous, the photography beyond perfect, Teddy was so handsome in all of them, the one thing that wasn’t so great was the presence of my chin.  It’s weird my chin, it’s not that I have double chin, it’s that I have one big chin!  I am pretty sure that’s worse…it’s like people should just start calling me “The Chin”….don’t get any ideas Daria.  There are a lot of photos that I like but the ones I don’t like are just so disappointing.  It’s like someone who is a drunk gets recorded and sees the wild and crazy way they act and decide they want to do something about it….well I saw those and immediately turned to my resources regarding chintervention and how to make this better! 

I first found some amazing exercises through my trusty ol’ google….so let me share with you some of my favorites….I would advise you to try these while you are reading them….if someone sees you just pretend like you were about to sneeze. 

  • Open your mouth, gently tilt your head backwards, and move your bottom lip over your top lip.
  • Along the same line of thought, without moving your head backwards, take your lower lip and try to touch your nose with it.
  • Repeatedly sticking your tongue out strengthens various mouth and face muscles and may help tighten up a double chin.
  • Press your palm to your forehead while resisting with your head and neck. Do you feel your neck and chin tightening?

So you probably look like I did when I was reading this…..stupid.  But if you did them then that means you are on board for my chintervention and I appreciate the support….that’s what people need in the time of recovery. 

I do know that just simply exercising and eating right will also yield to the “Chin” problem…..and I’m working on both….come on people I don’t mind my ass being a little fat as much as I do my face….Daria already said my cheeks were a 7 on a scale of 1-10 for looking like a Cabbage Patch Doll.  I can’t have my chin follow suit!

I’ll keep you posted….in the meantime I’m getting my car windows tinted so I can do my exercises while I drive and not get looked at like I’m seizing.

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