Link Wink Wednesday

Lately I’ve been missing my Grammie.  I know it’s because I’m getting married and I’m sad that she won’t be here to enjoy that special day with me….so today as I’m missing my Grammie so badly this Link Wink Wednesday is dedicated to her….and the things that she was foolishly sentimental about! 

I’m going to focus on one website today because I just really like it and they have a lot of vintage looking items that I have to appreciate! 

The website is Cambria Cove

It is like a giant gift shop….I love gift shops.  As weird as this is I love the gift shop at the local hospital here and some days can be found there just shopping. 


Tea Cups.  I love them and so did my Grammie.  I can remember her nice dinnerware with the tea cups and some others that sat on this giant pedestal.  They were so delicate and each was special to her in a different way.   

Cambria Cove has two sets of tea cups that are commemorative and are very very pretty!  They make me want to be a lady who lunches today!  One set is from 1900-1940 and one set is from 1950-1990.  Each has 5 tea cups with it’s matching saucer for $150.00.  I think that’s a great deal for something you can display in a china cabinet or elsewhere at your home!  Plus they would individually make great gifts that someone could have and remember you gave it to them always.   


My Grammie also loved cards.  She loved to give cards and receive cards.  It never failed she would love the card most of all….that was the gift not the actual present.  Probably where my love for paper kicks in!  An expensive love but hey we all have our vices and this was for sure one of hers.  I still go to my local antique shops and love to find old Christmas Cards, Birthday Cards, etc. and display them.  Most of the time they are old and have been written on by someone and it’s sort of fun to read what they wrote to one another.  Cambria Cove has really fun new vintage Christmas cards.  They look old but you can actually send them to someone.


 Retro Fun


Vintage Sweetness

Some of the other sweet things on the site that I love and remind me of my Grammie are the wonderful soap….never liquid…always a bar of soap.  The yummy delicate treats are delicious looking as well. 

So I hope you find the site as fun and lovely as I did. 

Have an awesome Wednesday and if you have the option give your Grammie a big hug! 

Love you! – Bop



One Reply to “Link Wink Wednesday”

  1. A counselor at my school is sisters with the lady who own the gift shop in Mercy Hospital….that is the one you are talking about right???
    Anyway, I love todays post and you can borrow my grandma anytime. She loves you to pieces.

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