Take One

So I wasn’t going to say anything beforehand because I was a nervous wreck about being a cheesy idiot….but we got engagement photos taken.

We did different locations and had some different outfit options.  Teddy was so funny about his outfits and when he would wear the right one with the color scheme and such.  What a girl!  It was one of the most awkward situations I’ve been in….Someone asking you to smile and act happy on cue.  I am happy but I have a hard time just popping into “the i’m so in love you I could just die, you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me mode” for the click of the camera.   Josh McCullock, our photographer, did say I had the best fake laugh he’s ever heard and I told him I used to act.  It comes natural.  HA!

Our engagement photos wouldn’t be complete without the rest of our family….so we brought the bear dogs.  Josh is also our old next door neighbor and hadn’t seen the guys in a while and was thoroughly impressed with their growth.  From puppies to giants….in the matter of months.  Josh only sent us the one that he liked of the dogs as a real teaser.  So without further ado….here is our first engagement photo that doesn’t really have us in it.  


Oh and in case you had any doubts on this…..

I was a cheesy idiot.


5 Replies to “Take One”

  1. They are SO handsome!
    We are supposed to get the rest at the end of this week (keep our fingers crossed)!
    I can’t wait to see the rest and what I actually looked like in them!
    Love you, B!

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