Cookbook signing with Ree…well sort of

So last night Age and I made our way up to 50 Penn Place where the Full Circle Bookstore is located to get our Pioneer Woman Cooks Cookbooks signed. 

50 Penn Place also has a bar upstairs from Fill Circle….and good thing!   

So we walk in and see something similar to this….this is a little shorter than when we first walked in…


Yes that person on the left is taking a photo of Marlboro Man’s booty!  How inappropriate but so funny!

So what did we do when we saw the line?  We decided we would wait for it to die down and have a cocktail (or 2)….we waited….we waited some more…we waited… never died down!  No joke!  We got there at 6:30 and left around 10 and it was still just as long.  We actually only waited in the line for about 30 minutes the rest of the 3 hours we were chatting it up with our cocktails.  Age would do occasional line checks. 

We did get Marlboro Man to sign our books and a picture with him.  Nice guy. 


 We also got to see Ree (yes we are on a first name basis) but the fact of the matter was after all of our chips and salsa and cocktails and laughing and oh I forgot the part about the OSU Rugby team coming into the bar with their short shorts on….yes please! 

We never got our books signed by her.  We were tired but we had a great time!  Age and I always have fun! 


Got to love when things don’t go just right but end up being fun anyway!  I have my cookbook and I’ll post anything I try from it so ya’ll can see how a person who can’t make toast right can make her recipes. 

Love and Cocktails,




2 Replies to “Cookbook signing with Ree…well sort of”

  1. So jealous! Although after seeing the line, I think i made the right choice by staying home! and that is HILLARIOUS about that lady taking a picture of his booty!

  2. Haley this lady is featured in the current Southern Living Magazine…..She gave some kitchen tips and recipes. One thing she said every kitchen has to have was an iron skillet.
    If you don’t have one I have Mimi’s if you would like to have it. Love ya Sandy

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