We almost left someone in TX for more room


Four girls.  One night.  A lot of shopping.  One Denali just isn’t going to cut it.

Next time I guess we need a moving truck!  Seriously ya’ll what is all that!  At least we helped the economy move in the right direction! 

I thoroughly enjoyed myself this last weekend with my sisters and Mom.  It’s amazing how you forget how much fun it is to all be together until it happens and you fall right back into giggling and being ornery little girls!  The only difference is that Mom was actually laughing with us instead of trying to spank us for being bad!  What a fun trip….and one I’ll never forget.  Ever. 

I hope ya’ll had a great weekend!  Did you do anything fun?  Speaking of having fun over the weekend….Teddy sure enjoyed himself hanging out with guys.  Goober head.

What are ya’ll going to do this week?  Are you going to bake or cook anything you would like to share with me?  I know that Halloween is coming up and so I’m going to do some baking and sweets making.  One of the recipes I’m going to try is for a smores bar…..sounds delish, doesn’t it??

Speaking of Halloween….Sunday nigh when I got home I went to Age’s house and had chili and watched as the others carved pumpkins (I didn’t carve because I literally went straight there from Dallas)….but let me tell you what…..the pumpkins were amazing.  In all the years of Age’s pumpkin carving parties this year was the most impressive….I don’t know if it’s that we are getting really old or if it’s that we just tried harder….but Daria and Jesse had the best pumpkins I’ve seen them produce…ever!  I’d post a picture but I didn’t have my camera and Jesse doesn’t know how to get her pictures off her camera (looks as if a mini tutorial is in the future).   Just trust me it was the best year by far. 

Have a great day and if ya’ll get a second could you send out a puppy prayer for Deuce my sweetie boy bear dog….he’s sick and just not being himself.  This picture ought to make you feel compelled to pray for him (he’s the one in the front)




2 Replies to “We almost left someone in TX for more room”

  1. I actually do have a great recipe that I made just last night! I made my very own chicken noodle soup with dumplings!! It was so good!!! Danny was even impressed with it. Let me know if you want the recipe Bop and I will email it to you.

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