link wink wednesday

Hey Gang….welcome to another Link Wink Wednesday! 


I’m not totally nuts about skulls and crossbones (sorry Jesse I know you loved your punk stage) but when I saw this fun ice tray for just a smidge of Halloween fun I had to love it. 


You can find them at one of my favorite places to cruise around Z Gallerie Home Furnishings



If you are like me you like to have a little fun at work.  I like to have a lot of fun at work but for someone in HR that is sometimes not acceptable.  I try where I can. 

The stuff at is seriously fun and funny!  Like these folders are hilarious to me……but at work we also have this thing between a few of us where if we are writing a really long boring email we put “blah blah blah” at the end….it’s perf for us! 

It’s all a part of their Knock Knock brand.  It’s real rad.
LINK #3 
When you go to friends houses do you look at their kitchen towels?  I certainly do and it’s weird, nasty, and idiotic.  I can’t help it though.  I honestly think it comes from being the youngest and envying most people’s kitchen towels.  All of mine are my moms, sisters, or grandmothers.  I think I have a few in there from my bosses’ house when I house sat once. 
Anyway in all my registry bliss lately I’ve been kitchen towel crazy.  I love love love them.  I want to decorate my house around them.  Here are a few I just thoroughly enjoy…..and the link so you can buy one or 5 for yourself…everyone deserves a nice and clean cute kitchen towel.
 Found at Branch
Found at Anthropologie
Well there you have it folks.  Enjoy the links and for goodness sake enjoy your Wednesday and the rest of you week! 

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