And in the grooms corner



Okay so this is NOT Teddy (although last night he did ask the lady if the chiseled chin came with the tux)….but this is what he’ll be wearing when I see him for the first time on our wedding day!  We did change the shirt from that to an ivory microfiber but this is pretty much what he’ll be in!  The gold on the vest and on the tie are very similar to the belt on the bridesmaids dresses.  I think with the amethyst bridesmaids dresses and my dress being ivory….we should all be just glorious little fall colored people in the spring!  hehehe that’s funny! 


I think it looks very dapper….but am I delusional?  I was not crazy about anyone being in black at the church because the church has such beautiful colors throughout already so black seemed a little harsh to me and since it is a spring wedding I thought the brown would go nicely.

Hey….have a lovely weekend!  I’m so excited about this cold weather I could just scream!   Rosy cheeks, big boots, jeans, sweaters, and coffee in the afternoon!  OH goodness gracious….I love it!


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