Link Wink Wednesday

I just have one link for today because it’s AWESOME!!  And really what I need for every clothing website to start providing….goverment mandate! 

This one speaks for itself….SHABBY APPLE is my new fave! 


All you do is click on the above image or go to this link answer three questions and VOILA…you are taken to the dresses that they think would be best for your body type!!!

And let me just tell you these dresses are DARN cute!  I want all of them….even that ones that don’t fit my body type!  Seriously…what a great idea….I’m constantly wishing I had Stacy and Clinton with me to tell me what wasn’t great for my body type and what looks best on me. 

Let me know what you think!  Oh and don’t forget to look at their shoes and accessories too!  And for you new MOMS or expecting MOMS they have a maternity section!


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