little reunionetts

So I have to admit….I have no pictures of the actual reunion….but it was a great time!  I didn’t know anyone and Teddy said that I shouldn’t freak everyone out with my big camera.  So I just took lots of pictures of their kids.  I do have some photos of Teddy and his friends but mostly kids.  You can’t blame me when they are this cute! 

Monroe 10 year reunion 018

Ben’s youngest nephew, Wyatt.

Monroe 10 year reunion 029

Ben’s middle nephew, Isaac (above)….and his other middle nephew, Nathan.

 Monroe 10 year reunion 020

I don’t have any photos of his oldest nephew because he was playing soccer…..but he is just as cute….believe me! 

Monroe 10 year reunion 041

This is Annabelle.  Those are LSU leg warmers.  Enough said.

Monroe 10 year reunion 048

 And last but not least is JP…in his LSU jersey!!  We stayed with his Momma and Daddy…..they were great hosts! 

The weekend was great….the way Teddy was with his friends was really really fun.  They are going to be a hoot at the wedding.


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