Nothing…Nothing…It’s blank

tree trimming 054

Even today as I sat in my backyard (apparently looking like Donald Trump) and tried to think of something “fun” to write….Like I promised….I have nothing.  

It’s blank.  That big ol’ red head is empty….no jokes please. 

I do have a wedding update:



It’s called a ranunculus.  It’s like a flat rose.  I love love love it.  I also found a website online called  You can order flowers at wholesale and do with them what you want.  They aren’t that expensive either….problem is you have to buy at least 50.  Of course for my wedding reception and bouquets I’ll need 50+ but just to have fun with it might be a little excessive.  I thought I could order some and see about doing some of my arrangements in the mason jars.  Could be fun….wanna come over and help?


I think I am going to do my bouquet with all white ranunculus and the girls with ranunculus….but I’m just not sure what color.  Their dresses are purple…..remember?  So I’m just not real sure what I’m going to do but I’m sure it will come to me as soon as all the other things do. 

 Speaking of mason jars….I need some help finding some of those.  I’ll post some pics of the size we are looking for tomorrow. 

Ya’ll have a great day!


2 Replies to “Nothing…Nothing…It’s blank”

  1. Bop, you do kinda look like the trumpster in that pic:):)

    My FAV flower is the peony. Oh god, I love it, it’s so beautiful and perfect, EXCEPT for the fact that they are pesky bloomers and only are availalbe in the spring and early summer. So, while I couldn’t use them in my wedding, you could totally use them!!!! I love brial bouquets with just all peonies, they are so romantic and messy and beauitful looking. Look into it!! God, i love the peony.

    Also, i did an all white bouquet myself and i really like that for the bride. There’s nothign like a beautiful bride all dressed in white with a totally white bouquet. it’s so beautiful and classy to me. So, i am liking the all white idea very much!

    All that being said about peonies, i actually really love ranunculas as well. They remind of peonies and i acutually had some on my wedding bouquet. They are beautiful and a great choice. That bouquet above is ab fab (absolutely fabulous) I just had to let you know about peonies as well. Not everyone can use them due to the blooming schedule, but May 1 is perfect peony time!

    Do you like how i am trying to live vicariously thru you and force you to use peonies becuase i couldn’t:)


  2. I heart ranunculus bouquets. I will help you search for mason jars Bop. Dave and I almost used mason jars to serve a specialty drink in for our rehearsal dinner, but we ran out of time.

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