105 Degrees – Oklahoma City

Sunday during the day Jesse and I ran errands.  We ran alllll over! 

We were on our way to Old Navy on Classen and all of the sudden Jesse was like…I want to try this place out.  So we went.  It was called 105 Degrees and it’s on Classen.  It’s a raw food place.  Do you know what that is?  Well I didn’t either…..

What is it?

Living foods consist of raw, minimally processed fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, sprouted grains, and legumes. They are prepared at the optimal temperature of 105 degrees, for optimal flavor and nutrition.


This is a weird concept to me because I’m not a vegetarian or a vegan but I really enjoyed it.  I had a salad and Jesse had a tostado.  Both were delicious….then we had dessert and it was amazing!  The best ever! 

Check out the website and www.105degrees.com

It’s a cool place and for sure check it out!


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